Barrow Staircase Design

Assisting architects, stairbuilders, and homebuilders with proper staircase design and construction.

Architectural and construction professionals of all backgrounds often experience apprehension at the thought of designing or building a staircase. The intimidating nature of staircase geometry, and the critical importance of compliance with localized building codes, can add to the fear of exploring any stair design ideas which might push the boundaries. In the absence of expert support, many designers simply choose to play it safe with the staircase, sticking to a basic layout. Experience shows us that without professional guidance, even the most basic staircase will often need correction at construction time due to miscalculation of opening dimensions, headroom, or a change in the floor plan. Our business is built on minimizing or eliminating those errors, along with the fear and anxiety associated with staircase design and stairbuilding. Once the barriers are removed, we can help our clients create something really extraordinary.

As highly experience professional stairbuilders, we take great pride in our ability to collaborate with our clients, helping them to consider every dimension of the intended staircase design, the architectural style, type of rail system, and the relevant building codes. We then assist them in creating the most appropriate, technically accurate stair solution encompassing all of those requirements and more.

Our Philosophy

Professional stairbuilders should always be driven to carefully understand a clients wishes, producing the highest level of craftsmanship without compromises. Engaging clients to review all considerations during the design phase, never leaving the staircase details to be developed after a project has begun whenever possible. Always striving for excellence, and endeavoring to improve their knowledge and skills at every opportunity, while following time honored woodworking standards. If dealing with professionals who follow this philosophy appeals to you, please contact us soon to discuss your project, whether you need design-only, design-build, or basic problem-solving.

Our Mission

Since entering the stairbuilding business over 32 years ago, we have relentlessly cultivated the knowlege and skills necessary to design and build staircases at the highest level. Our mission is to provide outstanding services focused on helping our clients succeed with their staircase projects, whether those clients are architects, project owners, homebuilders, or stairbuilders. Our ultimate goal being to constantly improve the stairbuilding experience, from concept through completion... keeping old skills alive, while integrating new technology when appropriate. We see it as preserving the art, science, and craft of stairbuilding.

Wrought Iron Railing Circular Curved Staircase