Anyone in the architectural or construction world will tell you that it takes a very particular type of person to design and build an true custom staircase... one who often obsesses over the small details. But the challenging knowlege and skill that a real stair craftsman must possess, along with the determination and responsibility to bring a staircase from design into reality, require us to have this obsession. Stairbuilders must take into account every dimensional aspect of the space allowed for the staircase, the intended architectural style, the type of rail system, and the building codes. Then like a complex puzzle, we must solve for a solution that satisfies all of these requirements. There is always some new twist, or relationship to figure out. And in cases where Tangent Handrailing is used, the geometry alone can present quite a challenge, but is very enjoyable for those of us who choose to practice it.

In the end, the final staircase configuration often requires repetitive calculation, frequently revealing several options open for selection by the client. All of this work is no small task, but one which carries with it a great sense of accomplishment, and one that we are very passionate about.

Our Philosophy

We believe a true Stairbuilder is a rare find, and will always be driven to carefully understand a clients wishes, producing the highest level of craftsmanship without compromises... and do so with forethought. Seeking never to leave the staircase details to be developed after a project has begun. He or she will always strive for excellence, and endeavor to improve their knowledge and skills at every opportunity, so as to advance the level of respect enjoyed by the stairbuilding community. They would rather leave the craft, than demolish that respect through a disregard of the clients wishes, or of established woodworking standards. If dealing with people who follow this philosophy appeals to you, please contact us soon to discuss your project, whether design-only, design-build, or problem-solving.

Our Mission

Since entering the stairbuilding business over 32 years ago, we have relentlessly cultivated the knowlege and skills necessary to design and build staircases at the highest level. Our mission is to provide outstanding services focused on helping our clients succeed with their staircase projects, whether those clients be an architect, project owner, homebuilder, or stairbuilder. The ultimate goal being to constantly improve the stairbuilding experience, from concept through completion... keeping old skills alive, while integrating with new technology when appropriate. We see it as preserving the art, science, and craft of stairbuilding.