About Barrow Staircase Design

Our company is founded on the basic principle that a staircase is much more than a convenient way to get from one level to the next. We believe that every staircase is an architectural element deserving of our best efforts in aesthetically pleasing design and expert craftsmanship. No other millwork in the home provides the level of opportunity to have such an incredible architectural impact.

We have over three decades of experience designing and building every type of staircase from classical stairs and balustrades with continuous tangent handrailing, to modern and sleek mono-beam designs in steel, wood, cable, and glass. On a daily basis, we provide expertise to architects, homebuilders, property owners, and other stairbuilders. Our goal has always been to give clients exactly what they envision if it is technically possible, providing personal attention and guidance to help clients overcome the many obstacles to their success. All while working with some of the most demanding project requirements.

We look forward to helping you achieve whatever your staircase vision may be, while maintaining the highest possible standards of architectural integrity and craftsmanship.