Todd Barrow - Designer Craftsman

Barrow Staircase Design

Our company was founded by Todd Barrow on the very basic principle that a staircase is much more than a convenient way to get from one level to the next. We believe that it is an architectural element deserving of our absolute best efforts in proper design and craftsmanship. All too often, staircase and handrailing requirements go unaddressed, frequently causing disastrous results.

We have over three decades of experience designing and building stairs of the highest quality, using both traditional skills and modern technology. Our goal has always been to give our clients exactly what they envision if it can technically be done. We give guidance when we see a fundamental design flaw, and we always treat our clients with respect. We look forward to helping you achieve whatever your staircase dreams may be, while maintaing the highest possible standards of architectural integrity and craftsmanship.