Stock Stair Plans

Welcome to the newly created Barrow Stair Library, an ever growing collection of stock stair plans designed to work in the real world of construction. This is long overdue and we are excited to add these economical alternatives to our regular product offerings.

These plans represent an exercise in geometric standardization of stair layout which will work if used as is, or provide a solid framework on which to experiment with your stair design. We have considered every important stairbuilding parameter in order to produce a series of logical plans, with each plan available in IRC compliant 10" unit run, down to 9" unit run, in 1/4" increments where allowed by regional variations in the code. This should save our clients (and your clients) a great deal of time, money, and frustration. All of our plans have also been value engineered to give the most efficient use of common manufactured tread dimensions.

So please take full advantage of our decades of staircase design and fabrication experience to be sure that the staircase you want to build, can in fact be built as it has been drawn. Our stock plans can often be customized at far less expense than developing a design from scratch, so if you see a plan that interests you, please contact us to discuss your desired modifications, or inquire about upcoming library additions. We look forward to working with you.

Circular Stair Plans




Scissor With Well


Hybrid Circular